Friday, February 3, 2012

It's Friday, Date Night....well for some :)

It's Friday, let's talk dating!!!  Personally, my friends are all married with kids and all of their friends are married with kids, so not much opportunity there for them to introduce me to any single friends.  Then there is my triathlon world, this has turned up a date or two but nothing much to speak of.  So that brings us to the "joys" of online dating.  What a wacky world that is!

If you are new to the online dating world or have been married for the past 30 years, here's how it works.  There are a ton of sites out there, everything from those based on religion, athletics, age, sexual preference, and just your basic site (you're single, I'm single, we live near each other, let's meet!)  Online dating begins with your "profile" which a description of who you are and the type of person your are looking for....this alone is a huge pitfall as many people have no clue who they really this case, maybe the dating world is the least of your worries!  In addition to impressing some stranger in cyber-space with your writing skills, expounding (my vocabulary word of the day, I feel smarter already, don't you?) on how wonderful you are, then you need to post a few pictures of yourself.

Technically you don't "need" to post pictures, but it's a dating site and unless your date is visually impaired (yes there are dating sites for the blind), knowing what you look like is kinda important!  My thoughts about a profile without a picture is usually 1) married guy who is shopping around or 2) there is a REALLY good reason you are hiding physically because you lack confidence in your appearance (in which case, one again maybe you need to work a bit more on yourself before finding a partner).

The rules of posting pictures are as follows: 
1) Make sure the pics have a been taken in the past few years and that you still look like YOU!  Nothing worse than showing up to meet stranger for a drink and see someone 15 years older than his profile pic, yes true story!
2) If you are in group photo, edit out your friends or at least say "I'm the 3rd one in on the right".  If you do not specify who you are, I reserve the right to date one of your hotter friends in the pic ;)
3) Everyone looks great in sunglasses, please post a few pics of your face unless you plan on wearing sunglasses throughout the entire first date.
4) Do not post pictures of yourself from a long angle, once again....when we meet are going to maintain a 30-yard distance from me?  Don't know about you but I like to have a conversation without shouting across the room.
5) If you like taking pics of landscapes, food, and other things in which you are not in the frame....if you must include these in your profile, please limit them!  I want to date a person and not the amazing plate of pasta you made last night!

Once you have settled upon a profile of someone you may like to get in touch with, you can opt to "like" them, send them a "wink" or some other type of emoticon, a system generated intro email....the list is endless! 

Personally, if you are really interested in someone, send them a message that you actually type on your own!  Grow a set of balls and show some friggin confidence!  Regardless of if you are a man or a woman, confidence is attractive!!  Read their profile, comment on something they have in their profile to show that you have done more than window shop their pictures.  And for guys an email containing the phrase "nice rack" will most likely not get a reply.

So your sent a personalized email, and hopefully have gotten a response, congrats!  Personally, I prefer to have a conversation fairly early, rather than exchange a ton of emails....I'm looking for a partner, not a pen-pal!  Don't be afraid to call and please DO NOT HIDE behind a ton of texting!  I am a huge texter, I admit, but have a live chat before depending on a text as your primary form of communication!

So you've had great phone together, time to met in person for the wonderful or maybe not so wonderful first date!  I will tackle the first date in the upcoming week, stay tuned sports fans :)

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