Friday, February 10, 2012

Notice of Eviction to my cold

Dear Cold,


You have now invaded my body for close to a week and I think it's time we part ways.  While giving you shelter in my body, I have fed you and given you plenty of fluids.....even 2 glasses of wine.  I have increased my vitamin C and I'm eating grapefruit as if its going out of style.  I have camped out on the couch for days, there is an ass imprint on my couch.  Granted I have watched a ton of movies, in fact RedBox and I may start a passionate love affair.   I have ignored my training in hopes that you would move on more quickly if you were not stressed by my daily workouts.

HOWEVER, you have become the house guest that will not leave!  Your presence is more annoying than those who step out onto my bathmat with wet feet!  You have over-stayed your welcome and I'm sick of feeling sick!  Granted you only visit once a year, but I have had enough!  Today is your last day, it's time to pack up this stuffy head, runny noise and lousy cough and get the fuck out!!!  I have things that I need to accomplish beyond being your vessel of misery.

I miss my bike and the joy of my heart pounding.  I crave the sound of my M-dot necklace bouncing off my collar bone as I run.  I want that sense of accomplishment after a swim and I want to feel the sweat on my skin as I take my body through a strength training routine.  I need to feel the peacefulness of an amazing hike.  Without challenging my body on a daily basis, I just don't feel like myself.  So enjoy this last day of residence in my temple because tomorrow you will find your bags on the curb.  Bye-bye sucker!!!

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