Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What to eat!

I think most would agree that exercise is an important part of health, but there is also that other part of the equation...FOOD!  What the hell are we supposed to eat!  Go to the bookstore (or online) and search for "diet and nutrition books"....the results are mindblowing!  My quick Google search came back with over 60 million results!  And all of these books say something else....low carb, low fat, whole grains, don't eat any grains, eat like a caveman, eat high fat but mostly protein, go vegetarian, no dairy, dairy 3x day, vegan.....the list goes on!
There are books and research to support any of the above.  Hell there's even The Candy Diet!  I must admit as a the owner of a sweet tooth, this sounds pretty.....ummm "sweet"!  I'm not nutritionist or a scientist, but my amazing words of wisdom....when it comes to deciding what you want to shovel down your pie-hole.....K.I.S.S!  Yes, the Keep It Simple Stupid!  Chances are if it comes in a box or can, it's loaded with salt, sugar, preservatives and hell of a lot of ingredients you can't pronounce.  Think of it this way, if your brain is having an issue processing how to pronounce an ingredient, I'm guessing your stomach is just as baffled as to how to digest it!

 If reading labels is too complicated, just shop the produce and meat section of the grocery store, problem solved!  I have never seen a bell pepper with a list of ingredients on it!  Look at all of the beautiful colors in the produce, red, yellow, purple, orange....BRIGHT, VIBRANT, LIVELY colors!  What do you find in the bread isle, different shades of LIFELESS brown!  How many people say "brown" is their favorite color?  I'm guessing not many.

Throw your taste-buds aside for a moment and look at the following items, which one looks more inviting?  Remember don't be guided by your taste-buds!  I'm really hoping you are selecting the salad here!  Now go to the grocery and look at all of the processed foods, are they in boxes and cans that are in bright colors?  Hmmmm, could be because, we are SUPPOSED to eat foods that are colorful?  

Here's an interesting note.....ever think about what FDA stands for?  That would be the good old "Food and Drug Administration"  Let's think about this....why the hell are these 2 things together!?  Ummm drugs in our food?  I'm going to go a bit Nancy Regan here and just "Say No", I prefer my food is drug-free thanks.  Don't let the government dictate how you should eat, just look at how they have changed their tune! 

They used to recommend eating  just as many fruits and vegetables, as processed grains!  Check out today's guidelines...grains are not stressed nearly as much.
THINK about what you eat and decide for YOURSELF!  Happy grocery shopping, you'll find me in the perimeter and not down the center isles :)

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